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BO-JIANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., since 1992, is a 5G Solution designing, manufacturing and assembling manufacturer based in Taiwan.

The quality control system in Bo-Jiang is divided into IQC, IPQC, FQC, and OQC that strictly monitor the stage from material-incoming to the final stage. All factors are considered to match the RF connector and the Cable to the best state and to meet customers' requirements such as VSWR, Return Loss, and Insertion Loss.

Bo-Jiang's connector and cable are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001, ISO 14001, and IECQ QC080000 certifications. Besides, our products would be verified by international standards such as MIL, and IEC. Precision of our connector could be controlled no more than 0.003mm, including plating thickness. Our Network Analyzers (up to 110 GHz) could support our development of higher frequency series. Our company also have flexble and precise production facilities to support customers.

Bo-Jiang has supported customers high-quality products since 1992. Based on our advanced technology and experience, Bo-Jiang would ensure each customer's demands can be fulfilled.

5G Solution

5G Related Products

In the 5G era, Bo Jiang provides complete ranges products to support applications from 18GHz to 110GHz. Controlling the key technique and focusing on the developing trend, our company is one of your reliable partners from Product Design, Laboratory Verify, to production measurements

  • 1.0 mm Connector Series - 1.0mm Series
    1.0 mm Connector Series

    1.0 mm (W Band) RF/Microwave coaxial connectors are designed for 50 Ohms, excellent performance up to 110 GHz. The 1.0 mm(W Band) connectors outer conductor ID is 1.0 mm, the interface is air dielectric with the contact supported by a short dielectric bead. The Bo-Jiang 1.0 mm(WBand) connector series is for semi-rigid and low-loss flexible cable, adaptor for custom applications. These cable assemblies realize low insertion loss, low reflection loss and well-perform VSWR.Features● Extreme high frequency transmission. ● Significant electrical performance. ● Excellent durability and reliability.

  • 1.85 mm Connector Series - 1.85mm Series
    1.85 mm Connector Series

    1.85mm RF/Microwave coaxial connector was designed to go beyond the SMA interface constraints, and as a result is NOT SMA compatible. Instead, maximum performance to the highest possible frequency that the geometry would allow, along with repeatable measurements after hundreds or even thousands of interconnects, were the design goals.The connector outer conductor ID is 1.85 mm, and OD is 4.7 mm, allowing compatibility, so that the 1.85mm connector mates with the 2.4mm connector and has the same ruggedness. It’s a 50 Ohms connector with performance up to 67 GHz.

  • 2.4mm Connector Series - 2.4mm Series
    2.4mm Connector Series

    2.4mm RF/Microwave coaxial connector series was designed to eliminate the fragility of the SMA and 2.92mm connectors by increasing the outer wall thickness and strengthening the female fingers. The outer contact ID is 2.4 mm, and OD is 4.7mm. The performance is up to 50 GHz.

  • 2.92 mm Connector Series - K(2.92 mm) Series
    2.92 mm Connector Series

    2.92mm(K Band) RF/Microwave coaxial series was designed with highly rugged physical interfaces in mind that would mate with 3.5mm and SMA dimensions. The 2.92mm(K) series use an air dielectric, with increased the performance up to 46.5 GHz to respond to accrodingly to millimeter wave applications. The outer contact ID is 2.92mm, and OD is 4.55 mm. In response to the fifth generation of wireless communications, 2.92 mm(K) series of products are also suitable for millimeter wave product application.

  • 3.5mm Connector Series - 3.5mm Series
    3.5mm Connector Series

    3.5mm RF/Microwave coaxial series was designed with highly rugged physical interfaces in mind that would mate with SMA dimensions, allowing thousands of repeatable connections. The performance is up to 34 GHz. The outer contact ID is 3.5 mm, and OD is 4.55 mm. The 3.5mm series is compatible with 2.92mm and SMA series. When mated with SMA and other precision SMA type connectors the performance is limited by the connector with lesser performance.

  • Solderless PCB Connectors - Solderless PCB Mount Connectors
    Solderless PCB Connectors
    Vertical PCB RF connectors

    Bo Jiang provided high frequency and superior performance solderless microwave Radio Frequency precision compression connectors. These PCB applications of precision solderless connectors are SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm series, the frequency form 26.5GHz to 67GHz. In solderless coax series of installation could provide fast, easy and without damaging printed circuit board (PCB). Meanwhile, we provide customized service of compression coax connector for customers’application using our simulation technology. Our compression Mircowace/RF coaxial connectors have micro strip and strip line for choosing, providing effective solutions in application for mobile communication (4G & 5G), testing and high speed transmission.FEATURES & BENEFITS:● Fast and easy solderless installation ● Do not damage the printed circuit board (PCB) ● Cost effective alternative solutions ● Superior performance ● Customize ● Vertical ● Solderless required

  • High performancetest Cable Assemblies - Economical solution of Testing Cable Assemblies
    High performancetest Cable Assemblies
    Test & Measurement Cable - Picision Cable Assemblies

    Bo-Jiang Technology Co., Ltd. produces various test and measurement cables for 5G system validation test and the performance of millimeter wave verification, they are General Tape, Flexible Type (HS), Universal Type (HF), Pressure-resistant Type (HP) and General Type (HG), and also alternative for the VNA applications. Each type could support up to 67GHz. In some special application, we could also offer the matched pair cable assemblies in requirements of customers.Features● Extreme high frequency transmission. ● Singificant phase and amplotude stability. ● Excellent durabilty and reliability. ● Versatile solutions for different applications. ● Matched pair cables (General Type) skew < 0.5ps. ● Armour cables with compression resistance.Application● RF and microwave instruments ● Benchtop testing ● Probe station integrations ● RF production testing ● RF Component/module testing ● ATE systems ● 5G module/equipment testing ● Millimeter Wave (mm Wave)

  • High performance Phase Match Cable - Phase and amplitude stable Match Cable Assemblies
    High performance Phase Match Cable
    Test & Measurement Cable - Phase and Amplitude stable Match cables series

    Bo-Jiang used precision RF/Microwave coaxial connectors include 1.00mm, 1.35mm, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm and 3.5mm to assemble with high quality cable assemblies to be high stability cable. Our cable assemblies own higher phase stability, lower VSWR, and precision. Meanwhile, our phase cable assemblies ensure stability though calibrated phase adjustment. Per the higher speed and digital transmission (more than Gb/s) and the cloud computing trends, our cable assemblies will fulfill your delay-time matching requirements between cable assemblies. Based on our craftsmanship and serious control, Bo-Jiang can provide you the matching cable assemblies, which have delay-time tolerance under 2 pico-seconds to ensure the transmission quality. The delay time between cables could be 0.5 pico-seconds by customized request.

  • High Performance RF Adaptors - High Performance Adaptors
    High Performance RF Adaptors

    Bo-Jiang offers various higher quality adaptors from 18GHz to 110GHz for different applications like as Vector Network Analyzers and verious testing application. We produce these adaptors based on excellent craftsmanship, so that these adaptors can have high stability and durability, and have very performance in electrical requirement such as Return Loss, VSWR and Insertion Loss.

  • Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors - Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors
    Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors
    Waveguide to Coaxial Adaptors

    Bo Jiang launches the instrumentation grade adaptor between waveguide and coaxial, 1.0mm (W band) to WR-10/WR-15, and 1.85mm to WR-15, per our significant engineering to fulfill higher and higher requirement of the millimeter wave (MMW) coaxial test. These lower Return Loss, and higher stable and durable adaptors also offer the effective conversion between TE10 mode and TEM mode.Features ● Broadband Operation ● Remarkable Retune Loss and Insertion Loss ● High StabilityApplication ● Test Setup ● Instrumentation ● Transceiver ● Sub-Assemblies