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75 Ohm, high frequency series

75 Ohm High Performance

75 Ohm, 12GHz (18GHz) Series

In the era of hi-vision is coming, meanwhile high definition equipment is also needed. Under the requirement of higher resolution and high transmission rate, and the data volume tends to increase, the uncompressed digital signal can be transmitted at high speed via the coaxial cable to satisfy for requirement of standard for 12G-SDI, Bo Jiang provides high efficiency, high performance 75 ohm BNC and 75 ohm F RF/Microwave coaxial connector with low loss and high frequency 75 ohm cables to compose for high performance 75 ohm 12GHz(18GHz) cable assemblies and adaptors, in order to high definition signals are transmitted instantly and the original vision is not distorted and be 4k and 8k resolution best solution. In terms of testing requirements, Bo Jiang also offers the N type 75 ohm series of products that include high-performance cable assemblies and high-performance adapters to provide a better solution for stable testing.


● 75 ohm Impedance.
● Different types of 75 ohm RF coaxial connectors.
● BNC, HD-BNC, F type and N type
● Low loss and high performance cable assemblies.
● Stable and variety of high quality cable assemblies.
● DC to 12GHz(18GHz)


● 4K, 8K Ultra High Definition Television Devices.
● Testing requirements.
● VNA equipment

SDI Frequency Distribution

75Ω Low Loss and High Performance Cable Assemblies

Testing Report

BNC Plug Cable Assemblies

Product Specifications




Typical Electrical Spec.

Cable Velocity







Cable Assembly

DC ~ 18GHz


DC ~ 18GHz




VSWR: 1.3 Max.

Insertion Loss:

Typical 0.55 dB/m@3GHz

Typical 1.05 dB/m@12GHz

Max. 0.7 dB/m@3GHz

Max. 1.25 dB/m@12GHz






Mini BNC

Micro BNC

(High Density BNC)    

75 Ohm High Performance

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12G SDI Cables - 75 Ohm Cable Ass'y
12G SDI Cables

To support data transfer high rates enabling the transmission of high resolution uncompressed...

75 Ohm, 12GHz(18GHz) Adaptors - 75 Ohm Adaptor
75 Ohm, 12GHz(18GHz) Adaptors

Bo Jiang's 75 ohm Low Loss Adapters include both in-series and between-series configurations,...

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75 Ohm High Performance | SMA Coaxial Connector (End-Launch type) Manufacturer | Bo-Jiang

Located in Taiwan since 1992, Bo-Jiang has been a RF/microwave coaxial and 5G related connector products manufacturer. Their main products include, 75 Ohm High Performance, SMB connectors, coaxial probes, 2.4mm - 2.92mm cable assemblies, high frequency connectors, plug to jack adaptors, connectors for audio and video systems, high frequency end launches and SMA directional couplers, which are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IECQ QC 080000 certified.

Bo-Jiang Tech with more than 26 years of designing, manufacturing and assembling in RF/Microwave Coaxial connectors and Cable Assembly. Bo Jiang provides complete series of 5G related products such as high performance phase matching cables and RF adaptors to support applications from 18GHz to 110GHz, and has been certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IECQ QC 080000 for many years, we have installed the ISO/IATF16949 systems to upgrade our company to a leading position..

Bo-Jiang has been providing customers with high quality 5G related connector series, NMD cable assemblies, RF adaptors, multi-coax connectors and cable assemblies, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Bo-Jiang ensures each customer's demands are met.