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Bo-Jiang's SMP Connector and Cable Assembly Services

BO-JIANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a RF microwave coaxial connector and cable assembly manufacturer from Taiwan since 1992. High quality, competitive price with wide range of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies in the electronic component industry, Bo-Jiang provides service and product guarantees to their customers.

Bo-Jiang's SMP Connector is manufactured meeting TS16949, FMEA, ISO 14001 certifications, which means each product is made to meet international standards.

SMP Connector

SMP Connectors DC to 40GHz

SMP Connector
SMP Connector

Bo-Jiang developed the SMP series to fulfill the customer's demands for higher-frequency and miniaturized connectors. These are easy snap-on connectors; operatible up to 40 GHz.

These SMP connectors are ideal for board to board interconnections by joining plugs on different boards with a jack-to-jack adaptor in between.

The SMP interface provides three different levels of retention force: full detent, limited detent, and smooth bore.
Full detent is often used for connections with highest retention, limited detent is only for retaining the bullet, and smooth bore is for the lowest retention.