Test Cable Assemblies


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帛江科技股份有限公司是台灣一家擁有超過20年經驗的專業測試線生產製造服務商. 我們成立於西元1992年, 在半導體產業及連接器應用產業領域上, 帛江科技提供專業高品質的測試線製造服務, 帛江科技 總是可以達成客戶各種品質的要求

Test Cable Assemblies

測試與量測線組 -

Test Cable Assemblies
Test Cable Assemblies

Bo-Jiang Technology Co., Ltd. produces various test cables different applications, they are General Tape, Flexible Type (HS), Universal Type (HF)and Pressure-resistant Type (HP), which is and alternative for the VNA applications. Each type could support up to 67GHz. In some special application, we could also offer the matched pair cable assemblies for customers.


  • Extreme high frequency transmission.
  • Singificant phase and amplotude stability.
  • Excellent durabilty and reliability.
  • Versatile solutions for different applications.
  • Matched pair cables (General Type) skew < 0.5ps.
  • Armour cables with compression resistance.

Pressure-risitant Type (HP)

This cable type offers economy alternative for the VNA application.

The PET armour also has the heat resistant function up to +125℃.

It has the same protection but smaller outer diameter than NMD cable


Pressure-resistant Type (HP) Pressure-resistant Type (HP)

Flexible Type (HS)

With PVC jackets, this type provides the most flexible cables among those armour ones.

Besides, it has the water-proof function for different applications.

Flexible Type (HS)  Flexible Type (HS)

Universal Type (HF)

Combining most of features others have, this cable also has

the water-proof and heat-resistant functions. It provides wide

applications for engineers.

Universal Type (HF) Universal Type (HF)

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